Postgraduate Certificate in Personal Leadership Development

Postgraduate Certificate in Personal Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development The Postgraduate Certificate in Personal Leadership Development is one third of a Masters degree from a leading University in the UK, and aims to create new insights into what is holding you back at work or in your life, and what can help you move forward.

The programme will help you to build greater personal responsibility, behavioural flexibility and direction and offer’s a unique learning opportunity in a highly desirable industry.

Because our award winning personal development programme is fully accredited, it can lead to a full UK, work-based Masters degree (recognized globally) in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, business and organisational development and coaching.

This distinctive programme:

  • Builds on the high quality resources of personal development programme
  • Is facilitated online, with your own dedicated Tutor
  • Focuses on real change and transformation in your life
  • Gives you access to 1000s+ academic resources online 24/7 (research, articles, books).

The programme aspires to encourage participants to take the study and critical application of personal leadership development seriously, so as to make bold but realistic changes in their own life: transforming one’s own capabilities to influence positive outcomes.

It is intentionally structured into three learning stages: studying one’s own work and life patterns, to act as a ‘departure’ from such patterns in realistic ways; studying decision making influences and patterns, demonstrating the importance of courage and decisiveness in the personal leadership ‘decision’; and finally, by studying and applying processes for resourcefulness and resilience to sustain ‘action’ over time.

How long will the programme take to complete?
We expect participants to take 90-120 days per module – but this is flexible (some participants may accelerate their learning).

What are the entry requirements?
You’ll need four things to be considered for this prestigious and high impact programme:
1. Be committed to being open minded, reflective and apply your learning to your work/life
2. Work for an organisation (paid/unpaid), run your own organisation, or are considering setting one up
3. Have management experience in a commercial or voluntary setting (or UK-recognised degree)
4. If your first language is not English, then you will need to meet English language requirements (see the English Language Requirements for your specific country

Fill in our contact form for more info or to request an application form.

Want to know more about personal development?

We offer an award winning personal development educational home study course to help you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. The program is a series of techniques, concepts and like-minded advice that will guide you through steps of thinking, action and evaluation to attain what you desire.

Contact us for more information on this high value program and attached business opportunity.

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